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Actualizar Celular Samsung usando Samsung Kies

  • Viernes, 08 Agosto 2014 00:00
  • Escrito por 
Actualizar Celular Samsung usando Samsung Kies

Pasos para actualizar nuestro Smartphone o Tablet Samsung:

1. Tener instalado en nuestro Pc el programa Samsung Kies, si no lo tenemos debemos descargarlo, para ello visitaremos, escogeremos la versión correspondiente a nuestro ordenador, ya sea Windows o Mac.

download kies 2


2. Luego de descargar el Samsung Kies, procederemos con la instalación. 


3. Ejecutaremos el Samsung kies; recordemos antes de iniciar el proceso de actualización, realizar una copia de seguridad de nuestra información, para evitar perdida de datos. 


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     Fee in respect of deposit underneath Nationwide Savings scheme.

    Any individual chargeable for paying to a resident transferor any
    sum by way of consideration for switch of any immovable property (aside from agricultural land), is liable to deduct tax at
    supply underneath section 194-IA. The deductor is responsibility sure to deposit the TDS with the
    federal government. For example, cost of redemption proceeds
    by a debt mutual fund to a resident individual shouldn't be topic to TDS but for a Non-resident Indian is subject to TDS.

    State of affairs 1: Mr. A, an individual provided contractual services to
    a firm and was made payments in three installment, 1st installment
    of Rs 25,000/- and the second installment of Rs 26,000/- and last installment of Rs 28,
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    We look at the present provisions, in addition to those
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    For instance - If an employee withdraws his EPF money earlier than 5 years of service and if the withdrawal
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    He shall problem the TDS certificate to the payee in respect of
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    TDS will not be deducted in any of the 3 instances 1.
    Cost under threshold limit specified under explicit sections 2.

    Payment to Transport companies with Valid PAN three.
    The place TDS Certificate for decrease charge/ no deduction has been produced by the deductee.
    If you obtain revenue below the taxable limit submit the shape 15G and type 15H to your
    bank to avoid deductions over the curiosity quantity
    earned. Every year at first of Monetary Yr (FY), Organizations
    enable staff to declare investments and in addition select wage construction after appraisal process is completed.

    I'm working in two wheeler vehicle dealership, we're gathering
    insurance premium from clients & paid to insurance companies, we are not deduct tds towards their payments.
    The place the entire consideration is less than Rs 50,00,000 /-, the legal responsibility to deduct
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    The TDS of Rs. eighty four,000 can be paid by the financial institution to the Government and Rs.

    84,000 might be handled as prepaid tax of Mr. Raja and he can declare tax credit
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    Sure, failure to remit tax deducted by me in the authorities's
    account within stipulated time-restrict would appeal to interest, penalty and rigorous imprisonment of upto seven years.
    Like many, she had parked all her retirement savings of
    Rs 25 lakh into a bank fastened deposit which was offering her
    curiosity at the charge of 9 per cent every year.
    The deductor provides a TDS payment certificates to the
    payee/deductee as per Section 203 of the Income Tax Act.

    If there may be any discrepancy within the tax really deducted and
    the tax credit score being reflected in Kind 26AS then you must
    intimate the identical to the deductor and should reconcile the difference.
    For the purpose of deduction of tax specified above,
    the value of provide shall be taken as the amount excluding
    the Central tax, State tax, Union territory tax, Integrated tax and cess indicated in the bill.
    In case of cost of Earnings-tax, ITNS 280 can be applicable.
    PersonalFN and its subsidiaries / affiliates / sponsors
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    loss or liability incurred by the person as a consequence of him
    or another individual on his behalf taking any funding decisions based
    mostly on the contents and data supplied herein.

    It's supplied in section 206C of Income Tax Act 1961. Ii.
    If the deductor deducts TDS but fails to deposit it then he becomes liable
    to pay interest @ 1.5% p.m. on the deductible amount.
    That may just be sure you pay your tax in advance itself (you understand how tough it
    is to pay tax when you might have completed
    that cash at the end). However banks, together with public sector banks, deduct tax to
    accord with the Department's anticipated interpretation that even in such a case,
    tax is required to be deducted. By payer we imply the supply which makes these payments.
    The deductee can claim the credit, in his electronic money ledger, of the tax deducted and mirrored within the return of the deductor filed
    beneath sub-section (5) of part 27, within the
    manner prescribed.

    It is also provided that if the location of the provider and the
    place of provide are different from the registered place of recipient no TDS might be deducted.
    An Amazon spokesperson stated, We welcome the
    decision of the federal government to keep the TCS provisions in abeyance.
    If the lessor is a non-resident for income tax purposes, the payer
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    Rs 1.eighty lakhs each year. But if the deposit holder doesn't present his permanent account quantity,
    banks deduct tax at 20 per cent.

    This category of income comes below Section 194LBB, and the relevant TDS price is
    10%. Nonetheless, in case of fee to non-resident persons,
    the withholding tax rates specified below the Double
    Taxation Avoidance Agreements shall also be
    considered. It's towards the endeavor of the bank as to the quantity of interest payable to me.
    Even the interest funds doesn't entice TDS provisions, therefore
    there isn't a query of TDS in case of capitalization of curiosity on loan as mortgage.

    I've deducted tax from funds disbursed however used the identical
    for some pressing financial needs. As specified beneath the IT act, it has to be deducted from income either on cost basis or at the time of credit score
    or cost which ever is earlier.

    Take utmost care earlier than furnishing kinds and certificates to
    avoid TDS,” said Amit Maheshwari, managing accomplice, Ashok Maheshwary & Associates.
    With the brand new financial 12 months (FY) underway, it's time to do the necessary planning to
    manage revenue and investments. A TDS of 30% is
    applicable on it. But curiosity earned on Non Resident Exterior (NRE) accounts and Overseas Currency Non Resident
    (FCNR) accounts will not be taxed in India. There are around 20-25 sections which prescribe
    several types of funds on which tax is deductible at supply.
    Any individual answerable for making payment of sure class of incomes is liable to deduct tax at supply at an acceptable occasion.

    The existing provisions of Part 194I of the Income
    Tax Act, casts a duty on the payer of hire to deduct tax at the fee of 10% of the rent on any land
    or constructing, if the aggregate of the rent paid or prone
    to be paid in the course of the 12 months exceeds Rs 1.80 lakhs.
    Quite a few transactions are coated below the purview of TDS
    sections and calculation of TDS might be tough in some sections.
    Thus, in case of non-reflection of TDS credit score in Kind
    26AS, the payee has to contact the payer for ascertaining
    the right reasons for non-reflection of the TDS credit
    in Type 26AS. TDS is to be made at the time of credit to the account of contractor or on the time of fee in money
    or by cheque or draft or by some other mode whichever
    is earlier.

    A private restricted firm has the limited legal responsibility of
    members however at the same time it has many traits
    as those of a partnership firm. Those that want to view their TDS particulars
    can register their names with PAN no in Income Tax web site or
    view it directly if they've bank account with chosen banks.
    Where the recipient (in the current case you who
    has let loose property) determines that the tax liability is decrease than the tax
    being deducted, below the provisions of the Income Tax Act,
    he could strategy his assessing officer by filing Type thirteen indicating that
    the precise tax liability is lower than the rate of tax
    utilized by the tenant.

    The TDS deductor entity must deposit it to the federal government within a month.

    E. income by means of curiosity payable by Authorities/Indian concern on cash borrowed or debt incurred by Government or Indian concern in international currency
    (not being interest referred to in section 194LB or 194LC or.

    New Payroll and database is created and Type 16/ 16A might be
    issued. If the person chargeable for deducting and paying tax fails to do so, he shall
    be considered as an assessee in default, liable to pay interest @ 12% p.a.
    on the quantity of such tax from the date on which such tax was deductible to the date of
    precise fee, and penalty, not exceeding the amount of tax
    and rigorous imprisonment starting from 3 months to 7 years and high quality.

    Kind-15H: It is declaration given by an individual who's the age
    of 60 years or more to the person chargeable for deducting tax at supply not to deduct
    tax, because the total earnings together with the current receipts won't exceed the utmost quantity which is not chargeable
    to income tax. IT act specified 22 objects of
    revenue or payment from which the payer has to deduct revenue tax at source (TDS).

    Thus, in case of purchase of property from non-resident TDS provisions of section 195 will apply and never of
    part 194-IA. This class of earnings comes under Part 194F,
    and the relevant TDS rate is 20%.

    If an individual has paid extra TDS when in comparison with the liable tax quantity, the deducted or payee can file a claim for a refund of the surplus quantity.

    Nevertheless, where in respect of any such sum,
    tax is deducted or deposited in subsequent year, as the case may be, the expenditure so
    disallowed shall be allowed as deduction in that year.
    TDS provisions below this part are attracted only in respect of deemed dividend u/s 2(22)(e),
    If such dividend exceeds 2500 in 12 months.
    A TDS deductor has to compulsorily register with none
    threshold restrict. Advance tax, self-assessment tax, tax on regular assessment, taxpayer is required to
    pick out type of fee as applicable.

    The deductor is liable to remit the collected tax into the account of the central authorities.
    Payments out of deposits under NSS.- limit of INR 2,500.

    Such work should be in pursuance of a contract (including sub contract) between the contractor and payer.
    This certificate may be issued any quantity of curiosity to be acquired in the course of the financial yr.
    Such withholding is known as TDS or Tax deduction at supply is a technique of tax assortment whereby a percentage of certain payments is withheld by the individual accountable
    for such payments and deposited with the government as taxes on behalf of the receiver of such payments.

    B) Particular person/HUF who are covered below tax audit, will deduct
    tax at supply on all specified payments. At current,
    Assam stands tall as the state with the highest variety of taxpayers followed by Meghalaya.
    Iv. If the PAN or TAN is discovered to be valid,
    you can be allowed to enter other challan details
    like accounting head under which fee is made, name and deal
    with of TAN, selection of bank by means of which fee will probably be
    made, etc. When a fee is made under any of the above talked about classes,
    part of the payment is withheld by the payer
    as tax. If recipient is non-resident particular person/HUF/AOP/BOI/artificial judicial individual.

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